Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Beginning

I have found myself with an abundance of wine this year. First, I won a raffle at my daughter's school where I won 92 bottles of wine. It happened 10 days after giving birth to my second daughter, so I thought it was Karma because I had just gone almost a year with only a couple of sips of wine. Then a few months later, we bought a new house. The sellers offered to leave their wine fridge (which I gladly excepted having recently acquired an instant collection), when we took ownership of the house I saw that they had left a number of bottles of wine in the fridge. I contacted them and they told me that they meant to leave it and they hoped I would enjoy them.
I now believe this is the universe telling me that I should do something productive with all this wine and that I should drink more...after all red wine is healthy :)

I have enjoyed drinking wine for a while now. I am a foodie and a cook and love pairing wines with meals. Many nights I would have a glass of wine with dinner- though up until my win fall it was usually a $5 bottle from Trader Joes. I love wine tasting, though I don't do it very often because my husband doesn't like wine and it is kinda frowned upon to show up at a winery with 2 small children. And even though I really like wine, I don't really know that much about it. I know what the word "terroir" means, but I can't figure out what it tastes like. I know I like red wine, but I never seem to taste "leather, tobacco, or currants"

Which brings me to why I wanted to start a blog. I thought it would give me a reason to crack open the bottles that I now own and help me learn more about it. So I am going to record my life through wine goggles. Each of the 101 bottles I drink... a story.


  1. Love it!! Can't wait to hear your first story....

  2. Fantastic idea! Looking forward to this :)

  3. Don't attempt this on your own.

    Let me help you!!! :)

  4. Enjoying wine myself, though not knowledgeable, sharing what you know and taste, sounds interesting to me....cheers!